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We appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your quest for improving your health through sound, balanced nutrition, and chiropractic. It is our desire to help you in achieving your goals for optimum health. We will support you in your efforts to take responsibility for your health through education and guidance in the areas of nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and chiropractic.

Through one-on-one consultations, seminars, and trainings, you can begin to learn how the foods and nutrients you ingest are the building blocks for a vibrant, healthy life. Regular chiropractic adjustments enable the body’s own healing power to express itself.
It is my belief that God has designed the human body with the amazing ability to heal and regenerate itself when given real nourishment…Eat Well (Nutrition), Move Well (Exercise and Chiropractic Adjustments), and Think Well (Education and Meditation)
Be Well…..
Keith , D.C.

Dr. Keith is a board-certified chiropractor who specializes in family & sports chiropractic and wellness care. He attended and completed his doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer West Chiropractic College in 1999. Dr. Keith has been an active competitor in multiple cycling disciplines from the road, mountain, and gravel racing for over 30 years. Because of his sports activities, he is very experienced in diagnosing and treating all sports injuries. Dr. Keith has also completed his certification in ART (Active Release Technique), CCSP (Certified Sports Chiropractic Practitioner). He will soon be completing his certification with SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment). You can find more information regarding Active Release Technique at www.ActiveRelease.com, SFMA at www.functionalmovement.com.

Dr. Keith has also continued and focused his education on Wellness Nutrition. He will be taking on the new challenge of completing the International Chiropractic Assoc.’s Wellness Practitioner Certification modules, 4 in total.

Quality nutritional supplements are a passion for him, he is always on the cutting edge of the supplement market and you can be assured, if he suggests a product, it has been well researched.

When not in his office Dr. Keith is riding one of his bikes, hiking some mountain, or looking for the next remote adventure.

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