We know that EATing WELL matters.   We encourage healthy eating habits and practice of our EAT WELL principles. In addition to following a good lifestyle, we offer a variety of in-house nutritional and herbal therapies to help support normal physiologic processes and overall health including:

Adrenal and hormonal support
Healthy fatty acid intake
Healthy regulation of blood sugar
Support of digestion and breakdown of food
Support of mood and mental clarity
Healthy brain and neurological support
Support for pregnant woman and infants

When it comes to your health, we promote  simple EAT WELL principles:
start each day with a nutritious breakfast
eat as many organic fruits/vegetables as possible
drink only water
eat only organic grass fed meats & raw dairy
supplement healthy fatty acids (omega-3’s) and take a high quality probiotic

artificial flavors and sweeteners
trans fats
genetically modified foods


 Dr. Ron strives  to maximize spinal and extra-spinal ranges of motion so that you can MOVE WELL.  Our patients report:
Decreased pain
Symptomatic relief
Decreased occurrence of injuries
Reduced frequency, intensity & severity of headaches
Improved athletic performance
Increased stability and overall body symmetry
Increased hours of uninterrupted sleep
Enhanced work productivity

As a patient, you will be taught movements that promote adaptation, endurance, and longevity, understanding that movement is not a remedy for disease, but rather a requirement for overall health.  As an active participant in your care, you will find yourself doing the things you were once unable to do because of an injury or restriction,  whether it be back to playing golf, lifting up your child, or getting back to work.  


 THINKING WELL means having not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind. Dr. Ron understands the mind's powerful effect on the body. Each one of us, from childhood to adulthood, is exposed to uniquely diverse environments, thought patterns, and belief systems. All living things respond physically to their perceptions of reality. In order for us to change or improve our health, we must first change our beliefs about what is possible.  Powerful tools to promote mental wellness include:

Positive thinking
Journal writing
Stress reduction
Healthy management of emotions
Hope amidst an environment filled with chaos